Thursday, January 7, 2016

God's Help

There may be situations in your life which, normally speaking, you have no solution for. You've been pushed in a situation you are unable to solve, neither to shake off.

You've asked help from the ones you love, but also they lack the insight to pull you through. And now you're at the end of your rope... about to fall down from a great height.

I recommend you to bring it all to the ONE who has the solution... it is God, the Father. He is "The Almighty" for whom nothing and nobody is hidden. Although He knows about it, He still wants you to cry out to Him and put it all before His Holy Face.

Read below who did exactly THAT, while his people and country were at the point of being totally destroyed.

And Hezekiah received the letter from the hand of the messengers, and read it; and Hezekiah went up to the house of the Lord, and spread it before the Lord.

Then Hezekiah prayed before the Lord, and said: “O Lord God of Israel, the One who dwells between the cherubim, You are God, You alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth. You have made heaven and earth. Incline Your ear, O Lord, and hear; open Your eyes, O Lord, and see; and hear the words of Sennacherib, which he has sent to reproach the living God. 2 Kings 19:14-16

Truly, Lord, the kings of Assyria have laid waste the nations and their lands, and have cast their gods into the fire; for they were not gods, but the work of men’s hands—wood and stone. Therefore they destroyed them. Now therefore, O Lord our God, I pray, save us from his hand, that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You are the Lord God, You alone.” 2 Kings 19:17-19

Further in 2 Kings Chapter 19... you can read what God's reply was to the prayer of King Hezekiah of Judah. Please, get your Bible out, read it and you will be greatly encouraged by the Word of God spoken.

Let the name of the Lord be praised forever, because He is who He says that He is. The Father can be trusted. HE IS THE ALMIGHTY GOD, YOUR FATHER... remember that... walk in His ways if you need to hear His answer. I have been there, believe me, and He answered. HALLELUJAH!

Be greatly encouraged and blessed in God Almighty.

Dr. Trudy Veerman

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