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Faith Theological Seminary, Kenya 

Teaching How to Apply God's Word


The website should reflect the school from where FTS draws its authority which is...., and it's website with details of ICW religious exemption status clearly indicated with contact reference if one may want to confirm.


FTS is committed to training church leadership in Africa in all departments of Church Ministry: pastorate, Christian educators of all ages, youth ministers, Christian counselors, evangelists, women leaders, theologians and theology teachers among others. These come in levels below:

Certificate In Ministry

Diploma In Theology
Bachelor of Christian Education
Bachelor of Christian Counseling

Bachelor of Theology

Masters In Theology
Masters In Christian Education
Masters In Christian Counseling
Masters In Religious Studies

Doctor of Philosophy

PhD In Theology
PhD In Ecclesiology
PhD In Christian Counseling
PhD In Christian Education


Presently, FTS offers it's ministry training in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and very soon it will go to Burundi, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and other places as the Lord opens the doors.


FTS has also been committed to provide capacity building seminars for the Church leadership, these include Sunday school teachers, pastoral leadership, Christian community developers, Africa Christian educationists, among other areas of ministry needs.

The seminars are provided free of charge by the FTS teachers and other outsourced scholars and professionals, of FTS interest.

FTS engages in African Church research for the 21st century Christian community as it seeks to develop the Church to the next level with high scholarship performance on the cutting edge for growth of the African people.

FTS works around the clock to see that African Church leadership are trained at a cost almost to no payment as an alternative quality education for the poor who should equally be developed through education, as other commercial schools are already way above their ability to find education.

The FTS professors are voluntarily putting their lives at stake to serve God through academic ministry with an aim, purpose and objective of developing African ministers for quality and Uncompromising ministry for all people from all walks of life.


There is also the need to always have the list of graduates reflected

with all the titles of their thesis, degrees and dates when they were

graduated since they all complete in most cases at different levels.

Some provisions also be made to allow FTS opportunity for regular updates that will keep our readers aware of what goes on in our each level of new life, strength and approach to training, new thoughts and activities that can engage ministerial concerns for growth.

Board Members:

1. Dr. Maurice Ongunya . . . . . . . . . . .Vice President

2. Dr. Cannon Wycliffe Balongo . . . . .Board Adviser

3. Dr. Harrison Mburu . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dean of Studies                  


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Students in class


To Dr. Fred Macharia for his determination and dedication to continue the work of God in Christian education.

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