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Set Free


This page is about a testimony from a sister in the Lord, who I met via a Prayer-board, where I served the Lord for a number of years by responding to the requests. Sister M. was saved years ago, but was never set free from demonic powers, who had taken over her life, as you can read in her testimony.

We emailed back and forth several times and I learned that she was suffering in silence by satan's torment. She wrote me that she felt she could handle it better if she kept quiet about her condition. I became immediately alert, knowing that satan did not want to be revealed and it was his idea for M. to keep quiet.

I did start providing guidance and instruction to M. in order to find out how and where satan had entered into her life. Through revelations of the Lord and M's co-operation, it became very clear to me how to handle the bondage that satan had put on her for some 23 years.

For several days I felt a great urgency in my spirit and my husband and I prayed continuously in Tongues and in English. I instructed M. and her husband, to search their hearts and lives and bring everything to the Lord which was not brought before Him, and to cleanse themselves in the Blood of Jesus.
I told her to prepare herself to receive DELIVERANCE.

I knew that DELIVERANCE was just around the corner. On a specific date in 1999, I approached dedicated prayer warriors, via email, providing instructions how to pray and how I was going about to cast out demons, in the authority of Jesus Christ. The time was set for Saturday evening 9:00 pm. I cannot estimate how many believers were involved in prayer, nor where they were located. I kept in close contact with M. and her husband in these final hours, via the InterNet.

On that set hour, M.'s husband laid his hands on her, prayed and rebuked satan, as I had instructed him. In the mean time, we had laid our hands on the computer as point of “contact”.
The power of the Lord was very tangible here, behind my computer and I'm sure any place else where this prayer and claim went up.

The battle was won, HALLELUJAH! AMEN!

Luke 10:19...BEHOLD, I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

M. wrote me that same evening the following:
Dear sister in Christ,
We have followed the instructions that you sent to us. And we now have VICTORY in Jesus. We sensed His sweet presence here with us. And I have complete DELIVERANCE from the evil one. Praise God! He is worthy to be praised. It was wonderful to know that you, Casey and all of the other Prayer Warriors were standing with us in this great battle. God bless you all. There has been such a cleansing in my life, I just cannot tell you how much. He is WONDERFUL!

Here is a line that M's husband wrote me:
She has now found this new peace and I want to give her time to enjoy and rest in it. I enjoy seeing her at peace with herself and it is something I have never seen before, (in 45 years marriage).

M'S TESTIMONY has been made available to provide hope and encouragement to those who are trapped by satan.


by Dr. Trudy Veerman, Webmaster/Counselor

Psalm 18:6... In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried out to my God;
He heard my voice from His temple, and my cry came before Him, even to His ears.
1 Peter 5:7... Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

My name is M. and here is my testimony. I would like to tell you of the great miracle that the Lord has brought into my life.

I was born in an old house on the other side of the tracks. I was the oldest child, I had a brother and a sister. My mother was a full blooded Native woman, and my father was an Irishman. They were alcoholics. My father was always looking for a fight, and my mother was often the recipient of his blows.

When I was seven years old, my mother left me with my father, and took my brother and sister away. I have since found out that my brother and sister are half brother and half sister. After the age of seven, I have no recall of incidents, school, nor time. And I did not wake up from this experience until I was in grade seven. I have often wondered in this time period if I was sexually abused, or so frightened that I mentally disappeared. My father worked nights, which meant that at age of seven I was left alone all night in this old house called home.

My father and I moved to a house that was literally built on the Fraser River. It has stilts holding up the house, and an outdoor toilet, no electricity. I wrote to my mother and asked her to come back to live with us. She did, and brought my brother and sister with her. I had no idea of the pain that was to come into my life. The drinking became intolerable, and the fighting was intolerable. My father started to persecute my brother and sister for them not being his children. All of this pain caused my brother to die at a young age of alcohol abuse. My sister, whom has since died also, led a very sad, alcohol, drug filled life.

I feel very sad writing all of this, as it brings back such painful memories. I will wipe away my tears and carry on.

My teen years were horrific. There was much fighting, so much so that I could not believe someone did not get killed. I had a number of sad things happen to me in this time period. Too sad for me to put in writing.

My father made me quit school at the age of fifteen. I worked very hard, and gave most of my earnings to my father, which in turn he used to buy more alcohol.

The bright spot in my teen years is that I met a young man, who is now my husband. He tried to cope and help me with my drunken parents, to the point that he would go very late to his own home. His parents were angry at him for doing this. It was an endless circle of problems for us. My young man found a basement suite for me to move into, and gave me the ultimatum to move out of my home or he would leave me. Well, I left home. As I now look back at all of these painful things, I realize now that I was mentally ill. I was also coping with a full time job. But now, I was lonely, living all alone. Even if one lives in this terrible environment, it is all one knows.

My young man and I married one year later. And to this day I do not remember marrying him. I believe that the wedding must have been such a great pressure on me that I mentally disappeared again. I missed my own wedding.

Then three years later, I gave birth to a lovely son. And until he was one and half years old, I was the happiest mother in Canada. But great sadness struck again. My son was very sick with a serious kidney ailment, and we almost lost him. I was pregnant with our daughter at the time of our son's sickness. And when our daughter was born, she had abnormal feet, almost like a club foot. Well, depression set in greatly. I absolutely did not want any more children. I had enough pain right in front of me.

As time passed, our son started to improve in his health, and today he is a healthy young man. Our daughter's feet straightened out after about two years and to this day, she has normal feet.

I knew during this time that I was not well. I went to a Psychiatrist, and I do not feel he helped me at all. I ended up in a mental institution for two months. They gave me so many pills that all I wanted to do was sleep. This carried on for a long time, taking pills, being so groggy that I do not remember taking care of my children. The cycle continued, pills, back in hospital. I took so many pills that I gave myself a third degree burn on my calf. The pills drugged me so much that I did not know I was burning myself.

I went from one Psychiatrist after another, and all they knew to help me was to try hypnosis, and more pills. I even tried to kill myself with these pills. It did not work. I became very sick and nauseous. I then tried to kill myself with our car's exhaust, and that did not work either. When I left the garage, and inhaled the fresh air, I fell down on our lawn. I could not walk, so I dragged myself back into our house. I was so fed up with it all that we decided to flush all of the pills down the toilet. My body was so used to the pills, that I now had an addiction. I persevered and did not go for more pills and the Psychiatrist almost fainted when I told him what I had done.
Well, that was the last time I have had pills, and I have not been in a mental institution since. BUT, I still had very serious bouts of DEPRESSION. Very serious indeed, and still I did not seek help. All of this has been very hard on my husband. He felt helpless in trying to help me.

All of this went on for MANY years with much pain. I wanted to leave my husband. I could see so much sadness in his face when these depressive episodes would come. They would last for at least three days or more and were very frequent. Terrible days.

All of the pain that we had gone through caused my husband to seek help, and through a doctor friend, my husband was led to the Lord. This caused additional problems in my life. I was not a Christian. But through him being a Christian, our two children became saved at a young age.

I needed something in my life, and a friend recommended "Transcendental Mediation". So, I foolishly took her advice. Did all that they asked of me, mantras, bowing down before an evil altar, and laid flowers before it. I had no idea how much BONDAGE I was covering myself with.

My husband prayed for me to find Salvation for ten years. I had been so discouraged by Christians and their lifestyle, also due to the Pastor that married us, who had to leave the church, because of evil in his life. No, Church was not for me. Later, the Lord drew me to Himself through a book called "satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsay. I read in the book about the BONDAGE of Horoscopes. I threw everything out onto our back porch that pertained to Horoscopes. I felt that this was all the cleansing I needed to do. I WAS WRONG!

Something that I had not given a thought was that my mother was a full-blooded Native woman. And had many times clipped my hair and put it in a small leather bag. I had no idea what it was all about. I knew my mother never loved me, and I started to wonder if she had placed a curse on me, or if it could have been some ancestral curses placed on our family years ago.
I did not know, other than I needed help.

One day about in 1999, I was desperate. I had heard about "Cybergrace" a wonderful Christian site. And found that they accepted prayer requests. I wrote that I was DEPRESSED. And that I needed prayer. When I checked back the next day, there were three PRAYER WARRIORS listed that had prayed for me. I was very touched by this.

About one week later Dr. Trudy contacted me on my e-mail, asking me how I was doing. She sent me to her website, and I was encouraged by her wonderful testimony of how our LORD touched her life and how her sister was instantly healed from mental illness. This gave me great HOPE. I learned that the evil one had me under great BONDAGE, and that this was something I could be delivered from. This gave me great HOPE. I desperately wanted to be free and to get out of the black, slimy pit that I was in.

Yes, I am born again, yes, I have been baptized. YES, I wanted to be free of this BONDAGE. Yes, I wanted to go to battle and get VICTORY over this. Yes, I can do it through Christ.
"I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me". YES, I CAN DO IT!


Now for the best news. I have received complete freedom in JESUS. He has given me the VICTORY, satan can no LONGER dictate my life, he can no longer have me under BONDAGE, satan is the defeated foe. My DEPRESSION is gone and I am experiencing such WONDERFUL PEACE, which I have not known before. PRAISE GOD!

I have been set free by the Lord Jesus Christ, through proper Biblical instructions, the laying on of hands, the prayers of others, the casting out of demons and by rebuking all of my past dealings with Horoscopes, Transcendental Meditation, any ancestral curses on my life.


John 8:36... Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed !

Psalm 30:11... Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: Thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness.

Hebrews 13:8... Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever !

Mark 16:17-18...
And these signs will follow those who believe; In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.

Dear visitor,
It is since March,1999, that Sister M received total deliverance. What God does will be lasting as we stay in close communion with Him and keep our life surrendered to His will. This is why the Bible states: "If you abide in Me, I will abide in you." One cannot return back to the old lifestyle and expect God to keep His end of the line.

It is now March, 2014, 15 years further! 
God is faithful. HALLELUJAH!

Praise God, M. has continued with the Lord and the Lord with her. She and her husband have been a strong support to this Internet Counseling Ministry, and M is reaching out to them around her. Her testimony has touched many lives for God's glory and we'll never know the impact until we are with the Lord in the "hereafter". Below is a letter I received from M. a few years later, which is posted with her permission.
Dr. Trudy Veerman

Dear Dr. Trudy & Brother Casey,
I'm writing to share with you that every year, I celebrate the Anniversary of my complete DELIVERANCE. Praise the Lord!
HE has done such an awesome work in my life. I AM a different woman now. I have been set free in Jesus. Each day brings me new blessings. He has given me a new life, a new hope and a peace and contentment I have never experienced in my life before.

I want to thank you again for standing with me in my time of need. I was SO depressed and my life was a mess. Jesus set this poor captive FREE. I want to thank all the dear prayer warrior's for praying for me also. And to thank my husband who also shared in this special time.

"Father God, thank You for touching my life. Thank You for making me a brand new person in You. Thank You for my brothers and sisters in Christ that stood before Your throne of Grace and lifted up the needs in my life." Amen!

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