Friday, January 31, 2014

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Minister Dr. Trudy Veerman  

Christian Counselor, Therapist, Teacher, Musician, Published Author


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JESUS, The Counselor
Purpose of Dr. Trudy Veerman's Ministry
Dr. Trudy Veerman "Reaching the World for God"
Dr. Trudy reaching Beyond Borders
My work among the Aged, the Sick and Dying

Dr. Trudy's Awesome Testimony
Wartime Memories
My Baby Boy
Wedding Bells
He answers Prayer
Overcoming Trauma
His Servant
From Desperation to VICTORY
Victory over cancer
Did God sent an Angel?

Nouthetic Counseling explained

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"Dr. Trudy's Poetry"

"Turbulent Times"

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Charles said...

Dear Dr. Trudy,
Grace and peace to you from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you so much for all you're doing for the Lord!

May God continue blessing you!

Your brother in Christ
+256 704 944 911